Double Take: 1

"New Year, New Shoes" would normally be my motto this time of year, but, a New Year of No Shopping means the motto has turned to New Year, New-Ways-to-Wear-Old-Shoes.

Enter: The Double Take

Throughout the year I will surely be relying on my celebrity BFFs for style inspiration. This is something I already do on the regular: I keep an eye out for a celeb wearing something similar to an item I own, and I'll style it with what I already have in my closet.  

Living proof that style does do not rely on brand spanking new shoes.

This was on our way in to a new favorite coffee shop in Minneapolis: Spyhouse Coffee, a hipster's paradise filled with reclaimed wood, good music, great coffee, and a million macbooks.  Normally I wouldn't do a blazer for Sunday morning coffee, but since this corporate sister basically lives in them Monday-Saturday, I thought why not?  Just-rolled-out-of-bed hair, studded booties, and this blazer is anything but corporate. And you know what? I've never felt more like me in a house full of hipsters. Take that, you plaid button down girls.  

This Double Take is inspired by Kate Bosworth and her studded booties.  

Mine are a significantly cheaper pair from Target, purchased last year with music festivals and denim cut-off's in mind.  

And the black denim... I bought this pair at American Eagle (I know, I know...) 2 years ago when black denim was having a comeback, and I wasn't ready to throw down major cash on a designer pair.  I secretly love wandering into American Eagle a couple times a year for trendy pieces at a non-committal price tag. Plus, I get to pretend for a half hour that I am a real live cali teen beach babe... that is, until my day dreaming comes to a crashing halt when I hear the middle schooler in the dressing room next to me get yelled at by his mom, "Tommy! Hurry up! You have math homework to finish!!".  

Yes, that really happened.     

Booties: Target // Blazer: Theory // Denim: American Eagle // Sunglasses: Smith