Zip it off

I see the world top to bottom. 

Literally, in that order. I've got my head in the clouds, my eyes in the skies. It's always been this way:

Plans so big that I miss the details of the day, until I come down to earth and become consumed by them. 

Ben sees the world from the outside in: The light is coming from this direction, the wind is 

blowing that way. There's a shadow from this building here,

There, stand right there. 

He scans left to right, finds the pieces that make the whole, and puts them together.

I expected #1yearNoShopping to teach me the meaning of the word "enough", that I am, and have, enough.

But I didn't expect it would show me the world though his eyes, and in such an exceptionally detailed way. 

We learned a lot.

Ben picked up a camera and spent nights reading how to use it. We tested patience, learning together, and working together and got in a lot of fights. We also learned how to get out of those fights. I learned how to approach brand partnerships, how to build a website, and we learned how to edit.

I started writing again.

Sleepless nights by the glow of my phone, I wrote, and this is how the Lucid Dreaming series was born.

The writing just came. Not peacefully, nor beautifully;

not over an instagram scene of expensive coffee and pretty notebooks, but painfully, sleeplessly, and sometimes tearfully through long nights. 

I lost sleep.

I developed dark circles under my eyes for the first time in my life. The kind that stay.

I let my mind wander to the depths, knowing I'd have to wake up in 4 hours for work,

come home to prep for photos, shoot, write, edit, post, and climb back in bed to start it all over again. 

It sounds miserable, and at times it was, 

but in this effort of creation, we felt wonderfully, exceptionally, free.

So we chased it. 

We kept learning, I kept writing, we kept creating, and we're not done yet. 

I can't wait to share what's in store for 2016. 

There will be one more post in 2015, New Year's Eve, and we'll share it there. 

In the meantime, it's time for the final Quarterly Pick:

It's no secret that I will usually pick form over function, but when the two come together in a beautiful way I just about lose it.

That's what happened with this long-line blazer: I lost all composure and just gushed!

It's a bit heavier weight than a standard blazer so it works perfectly for some extra warmth this time of year, and can also serve as a coat on warmer days. 

But the best part is the zipper: A beautiful detail that allows the bottom half to detach, transforming this long line into a cropped jacket. 

It's a 2-in-1, perfect for day-to-night, travel, work, dates, you name it and this baby's got you covered. 

And, bonus: IT'S ON SALE.

Go ahead, snatch it up, zip it off, and wear the heck out of it.