Old dress, new party

Holiday parties are in full swing like a train you can't stop, so hop on board. 

I've already had 2 this week, and in the next 10 days we're looking at 5 more. Hold on, sisters, we can do this.

If you're feeling like you can't even get all your gifts shopped and wrapped, let alone find an outfit for the party, fear not! If you have a black dress hanging somewhere, you've already got the most important part. Just add two little twists:

Patterned tights, and a bright or metallic clutch. 

That's it! Easy. Now go dance.

Remember, it's okay to jump off the train for a minute, decline a few invites, rest up and pull yourself together so when you do get back on the party train, you can be your best self and have the best time. 

Now, excuse me while I dance around in these party worthy tights.  

Happy Holiday-ing!