Blanket Scarf How To

Let's talk blanket scarves.

I know, I know, everyone's wearing them, and most look like they're drowning. However, executed well, a blanket scarf can be not only cozy, but voluminous and a statement upgrade layered on something old.

This is not your ordinary blanket scarf, this is the #1yearNoShopping version of a blanket scarf. We're getting a little scrappy.

I know you're curious, so let's get to it. Read on for the step by step.

Step 1:

Because of #1yearNoShopping I have not run out and snatched up the latest, biggest, scarf I could find, so we are working with what we have. You can too! 

What makes a blanket scarf is not it's weight (though some are quite thick), but rather it's SIZE. They're huge, almost the length and width of a... BLANKET! Weird! 

To fake length, grab opposite corners for the longest length, and fold your scarf in half to a triangle. Then, offset those corners a little (below) to get a little more width.

Step 2:

Wrap the scarf, keeping the offset triangle corners in front, and crossing the long tails behind your head.

Step 3: 

Pull the tails around, and fluff! 


Not quite a blanket scarf, but more voluminous than your average scarf.  A pretty quick upgrade for that after work, running late, daylight fading, kind of night.

Which is exactly what this was.

Off you go. Try for yourself! Let me know how it goes, in the comments below.