Trick Wrap

Remember this vest from my Fall Pick post?

I promised you'd see it again, worn different ways, and here I am to deliver: A vest wrapped into a dress. 

And all it took was one pin. ONE!

A few things of note, if you want to try this at home:

Make sure you're working with something sturdy, like boiled wool. For two reasons: 1. So it can stand up to being pinned without ruining the knit and 2. To avoid looking like you're wearing a bathrobe. A bit of structure is important here. 

Layer something form fitting. I like this stretchy top from Nikibiki (link to shop below!). I layer it all winter long. It fits close to skin, doesn't add bulk, and keeps you pretty warm.

Last but not least, carry a clutch. Why? To casually, strategically, hold in front when you're walking and the wind picks up. I'm serious. Tricky -but also kinda fun.  

Have a beautiful Saturday, friends!