Buffalo Plaid

I've got north woods on my mind: We are headed north the day after Thanksgiving, and I. Can't. Wait. 

Christmas tree cutting in the woods, soup on the stove, s'mores, books, 

wine, lots of blankets and even more merriment to kick off this holiday season.

I'm a Minnesota girl at heart, and though I'm usually running around in heels these days, I did

 basically grow up stomping around the Boundary Waters in Teva's. 

So what I'm trying to say is, while I'm not quite a northwoods-er through and through, I do

reserve the right to rock buffalo plaid and Swiss boots without falling into desperate hipster territory. 

I grew up with this stuff. I know how to layer up like a pro. I just add 4 inch heels now. 

I'm taking some time before the craziness of the season starts to think back to my sure-footed, teva-stomping, nature-loving roots. 

And I hope you can too, whatever/wherever those roots may be.