Black Friday is upon us.

Do I look calm and collected here? 

Well, cool, fooled you, because I am like an addict who just found the stash.

Want to know what it's like to be in the final stretch of #1yearNoShopping when Black Friday rolls around? 

Let me give you the scoop:

This is my time of year

Yes, I love the Fa-la-la and the Starbucks holiday cups just as much as the next girl, but it's the sales that bring the serious cheer. 

In fact, this time of year, I refer to "shopping" as "Fa-la-la-ing". 

The world is a tizzy of frosted window displays, candy cane everything, bell ringers, bright lights, and sales to die for. 

You should know, pre- #1yearNoShopping, almost 50% of my clothes (and nearly all of my shoes) were purchased during holiday sale time. THIS IS MY TIME.

You're probably expecting to hear that I feel empty inside. A craving unfulfilled. 

Strangely, it's quite the opposite. I've happened upon a different kind of gold mine.

I've hit the point where I have enough. This is enough.

This black blazer -my first black blazer- which I've replaced three times to a grand total of FOUR black blazers,

is still enough.

Don't get me wrong, I will never stop buying beautiful black blazers, but it will not be because of unfilled emptiness. Conversely, (barring a few highly anticipated updates) my closet feels quite full, and so do I. Dare I say, even "thankful"?   

So for this post, I am not wearing my most holiday of things, but I am wearing my most confident of things. Because, confidence-in-the-current is what this year has been all about. 

And, I am not linking any Black Friday deals because I do not want to be tempted by things.

For now, I'm resting in this new-found space of enough, and finding room for thankfulness. 

Happy Thanksgiving, Friends. I hope yours is beautiful, and more than enough.