This post is about culottes. But these are not culottes. These are pretend culottes. 

Been feelin' lately like you have nothing or no one to depend on? Change of seasons, I feel you. 

Well, depend on this: Fashion has a predictable way of reinventing itself. This time, wide leg cropped trousers are back. 

For their last run around the style map they preferred the name "Gauchos" and apparently, this time, 

someone at Vogue decided on "Culottes". 

Culottes it is. 

But these are not culottes. These are pretend culottes. 

These are pull-out-an-old-pair-of-cropped-work-pants-and-call-them-Culottes.

You see, they're not quite wide enough to be culottes. And they're a little too long. They don't give the illusion of a skirt. Missing the drama, they are.

But let's stop focusing on their failings in achieving something they're not, and celebrate what they are. 

See where I'm goin' with this?  You do you. 

These pretend culottes don't fit in the pre-determined box. Because, honestly, how boring. 

They are a little too big, 

and a little too weird, and a little too long, and a little too narrow. 

A little too perfect on their own to be remotely concerned with Vogue. 

So I stopped pretending they were culottes, and I wear them for their weird, because their achievement is really not dependent on anything or any one. And neither is yours. How's that for some Tuesday pep talk?

ps- these pants may or may not be from my mom's closet, and she may or may not never get them back.

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