Glow On

Born to a mother with a keen sense of self and style, 

I developed recognition early on around how what I wore made me feel.

Best of all, I could choose how to feel in choosing what to wear. This little nugget of knowledge was like liquid gold for a budding fashionista/control freak. 

In choosing what to wear, I always choose confidence.

As we grow and our style shifts, this confidence moves about fluidly as we settle in different phases, displace insecurities, develop new obsessions. As I've grown, I've recognized that beauty routine and skin care are an integral part of this confidence (oh hello, under-eye concealer!), and my latest collaboration takes it back to the basics:

Remember in high school when you hit the tanning hard before the homecoming dance?

Why did you do that? 

Because you felt awesome, and tan, and even-toned, and downright straight up

GLOWING. That's why.

Now, lucky for us, homo sapiens have a history of intellectual evolution and we have 

thankfully realized the dangers of sun exposure and so we won't go back there (survival of the fittest, guys). 

But what do we do about that glow? That confidence?

We go to The Glow Lounge, that's what. Because we are evolved human beings.

The Glow Lounge is my best secret (or, not-so-secret now) for weddings and events. 

A custom airbrush tanning boutique (locations in Edina and St. Paul), staffed with the best girls delivering the most natural looking (and certified organic!) tans in the Twin Cities.

Big events are so fun, but they can be so paralyzing if you're not confident and don't feel like you. If I've got bare shoulders, lots of leg, or an open back in any event outfit, I do myself a favor and visit The Glow Lounge to even everything out and get that downright straight up


I wore this jumpsuit to a wedding last weekend, and got my glow on ahead of time. I'm so glad I did! I felt even-toned, confident and bright. 

Shallow? Only if you think proactively choosing confidence is shallow. 

 And, because I am in a mood of divulging secrets tonight (too much wine, noted), I'm gonna let you know that today through October 18th, you can head on over to Neiman Marcus 

(or click through one of the jumpsuit links below) and get $50 off your purchase over $200 with special code


Such a good deal, jump on it. Pick something up to wear with the tan you just booked.