1x3: Fall Pick

This Fall Top Pick was supposed to be up in September but I had such a hard time! 

Imagine that, a hard time shopping.The pressure I put on myself was rough: 

I wanted something as versatile and wearable as the


 I picked for spring (so much mileage out of those), and

something that would be a statement piece like the 


 I picked for summer. 

I was out racking the racks, surfing the sites, and starting to wonder: 

In #1yearNoShopping, had I gotten bad at shopping?! 

I devoted myself to the search; I had to be good at this. I became frantic.

In the midst of a downward spiral in the middle of Nordstrom (am I being too dramatic?), a moment of clarity:

This devotion to the perfect piece, checking all the boxes, was turning me into someone who was not myself. 

Seriously? A breakdown in Nordstrom? Not myself.

I decided that within the constraints, I needed room for individual expression.

Execute it your way. Be you, do well, with freedom.

So that's what I did with this vest.  It is, very clearly, a vest. But I've found so many ways to wear it my way.

Beyond the work, night, and day looks below, I can turn it into a dress, belt it, pair with boots and leggings -the list goes on. 

For now, I'm digging a black and tan look, which you'll see below. 

So, here's one of the season's biggest trends - a long wool vest - worn my way. 


This vest is fairly dramatic for work so bring it back down to earth with a simple black tee and trousers. 

I like a wide flare to balance out the volume of the vest. To anchor it all, keep it semi-serious with some serious heeled loafers

(if you seriously love them there are two different links below to sizes 8 and 9 - at a SERIOUS discount. Seriously.)


Boots boots boots boots. And a black dress. Done!

I tried to play up

the drama of the vest this time with unexpected bare arms. You might be freezing (I was) but so what? 

Have another drink. 


My "day" posts usually have flat shoes, but the length of this vest just plain needs a heel.

Opt for comfy, chunky, platform clogs. This look is great for a lunch or shopping date, and quite possibly my favorite of the three.

Bring it on, fall.