1995 Calvin Klein

I wanted to do a fall work-wear focused post for some fresh money makin' inspiration, because, 

New News: I start a new job tomorrow!

But then this outfit happened last minute last night as we headed out for some po' boys, and we snapped this post instead.

This Calvin Klein cashmere shell I wore 


 is suddenly made for everything in my closet. 

And it's my mom's from 1995 (about, we think). For the record, I was 7 years old at purchase. 

I can remember her wearing this. It feels like her. And because just about every piece of her is fundamentally a piece of me, this little cashmere piece couldn't be more right. 

It's a little piece of old that makes heading towards lots of new feel just right. 

The length is short. Way shorter than I normally tend towards. A self-conscious habit I have is to wear everything with a tunic,

but I loved the soft top with the suede boots and coated denim, and just went for it. 

It's a new week guys, go for it.