too-short tunic

As I sat down to put this post together, I realized that a lot of my posts are weather-related. 

I started to try to find a different angle, and #sorrynotsorry, the weather seriously rules our dress code here in Minnesota. 

Here's the quick weekend recap of this weather-related outfit:

We were headed back to our hometown for some local brewery hangs and live music. 

I was dying to be all fall, but it was nearly 80 degrees. 

Answer? Fav fall tunic as a dress (too short, not sorry), deep fall color, and booties. 

Believe me, I'm anxiously awaiting my closed-toe favorites, but thinking of those late April days

when there will still be snow on the ground, I'm getting the mileage out of open-toes while I can. 

So here it is! The too-short tunic. I had fun dancing in this one - usually reserved for more serious occasions like work and tights,

we acted like a couple of gals busted out of jail. Shoppable links below; enjoy!

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