Season Stretch

So here's the deal: The last boots and shorts post caused quite a stir. 

And you know I love a good conversation, so, duh, here are more boots and shorts. 

This outfit is making me think back to a post last spring 

when I first started drastically mixing seasonal separates in reaction to how I was feeling about the change of seasons. 

It's a confusing time of year, these transitions. I take the confusion out on my closet.

Tear it apart, make a mess, pull the boxes from storage, and mix it all up. Mix and try and try and mix. 

But, as any Psych 101 student could tell you, this isn't all about the closet, is it? Nope.

It's as if some little terror in the back of your mind hears that faint rustle in the trees, finds the first chill in the air, and it just... starts... mixing. 

Craving something new while still hangin' with the old. Stretching to try something different, but gripping the familiar tight. 

Climbing but clinging. Shorts and boots, my friends, shorts and boots.

Whatever your metaphorical boots of this season change, find them. Search it out. Find your new.

Remnants of the old will trickle through to the new season until you don't need them anymore. 

This I know to be true: In fashion, as in life, the pieces, the lessons, the people meant to stay, will stick through the mix,

while the others will wave in and out for as long as they are truly needed. 

But let's not get too serious over here. Maybe you just crave a new blazer to spiff up a bit. Or some boots. If that's the case, 

I've added some J.Crew items, similar to what I'm wearing here, to the shoppable links below. 

Be sure to check them out -they are having a major SALE right now: an extra 25% off everything on J.Crew's site with code


Mix on, Sisters.