1x3: Jogger Pants

The jogger pant. The pant I have been eyein' for well over a year. 

If you've worn a jogger around me in the last 12 months, I have been studying:

"How DOES she wear that?" 

My boyfriend even managed to hit the style well, but I always felt too slouchy. Turns out, slouchy is exactly the point;

I was fighting the very purpose of these. Get over your curve hugging ways for just a moment to consider the slouch.

What you pair with these pants makes all the difference.

Here's how to make it work for work, night, and day. Honestly, you may never take them off. 

Quick disclaimer: These are NEW. But were a gift, which is completely within the confines of The Rules

I was being a baby about buying them last year, so aforementioned jogger-style-man helped a girl out.


Assuming you work in a casual or creative setting, you can make joggers work for work. 

Rule #1: Tuck in your shirt. Rule #2: Heels. Please.

A long blazer is a strong pair because it keeps the pants from ruling the look.

And, the proportion mix of a neat tucked-in top with a long line blazer is interesting to the eye. Welcome to your new Monday uniform.

ps: These glasses? 

David Kind.


Flip-flop the proportions:

For work we did a neat tucked-in top with a long blazer. At night, flip it for a short jacket with a long tunic. 

This is a great look for a casual night out. I like a bucket bag better than a clutch here. Easier.

This whole look is easy.


For day, these joggers pair better with a button down than a tee. It's a little more pulled together.

A classic chambray easily steps in here. I originally bought this one to tuck in to skirts, so its a little shorter than I'd like, but I'm getting over it. 

Roll the cuffs, and slip on some sneakers. 

Second disclaimer: See my shiny new Vans?! I used a Nordstrom gift card from last Christmas that I'd been hoarding

(also completely within The Rules).  

Finally trying something other than Nike sneaks... These will become such a staple!