Bad Day Button Down

It's that time of year when all we want to do is throw on a pair of shorts. Jeans? Forget you. Cut-offs? Yes, please. 

I've found my faux leather shorts from my 

Spring Pick

 work great for stepping up the shorts game. 

Another great step-up: The classic white button down. Or, as I like it, the un-classic white button down. 

White button downs are a tried and true way to get that pulled-together look, fast

-but I've always been uncomfortable in their crispness.  

Enter: The Un-classic. 

Any twist or variation on a classic and I'm interested. I like button downs fluid, flowy, and with a detail or two. I've linked some great variations of the classic below.  

Since we're all friends here, I'll be honest: This was a bad day. You can probably tell by my less than charming face in these pictures -sorry. Like, the kind of bad day where you need to get out and blow off some steam, but don't want to take the energy to change out of work clothes. A workout would have probably been healthier, but cocktails were the order of the day. Anyway, the point is, this un-classic white button down was easy and pulled together. Grab one for your next bad day- they always come, but you can always turn them around. 

Now go on with your big bad un-classic self.