Pre Fall mix

It's only August but we have a little cold snap happening here in Minneapolis.

60 degrees and we're all yearning for our boots and favorite coat - what can I say? We're Minnesotans, summer heat is a little unnatural for us. 

I pulled out a favorite fall leather skirt, but paired it with something unnatural: 

A tissue-thin tee.

Both these items have been in my closet for over 3 years, and I've never put them together.

In #1yearNoShopping, unlikely pairings are becoming my MO and this kind of weather is perfect for it. Mix it up, sisters!

Let's talk about this skirt: 

It's leather, it's perforated, its scalloped, and it's probably one of my favorite buys, ever.

When I bought it over 3 years ago, I was supposed to be spending that money on work clothes for my new job, but I bought this instead. And you know what? Best decision ever. The mileage I have gotten out of this thing is insane. Go with your gut, don't always follow the rules, and stop only shopping for occasions. The best pieces are stumbled upon. 

Another thing about this skirt: 

When I bought it, I was training for a 70mi road bike race. 

Needless to say, the waist of the skirt sat a little higher on my, well, waist. 

Since I've dropped the biker ass down a size the skirt has dropped, too. And I kind of like it! It's a little more casual, a little longer, a little more appropriate, I'm sure. But sometimes I long for the short leather skirt I bought with my work clothes budget, and for the last year I've been wondering: 

to tailor, or not to tailor.. that is the question!

A good tailor is super important. We all change sizes, up and down, and a tailor will give your quality clothes longevity by adjusting them to wherever you're at. I've gone from being a dancer to a ski racer, to a collegiate rower, to a yogi, to a road bike racer, and now I'm settling into a mix of low mileage running and ballet. 

I've had shoulders let out and taken in, hems shortened, waists pulled in here, darts added there. 

So, should I tailor this skirt back up to my waist or keep it casual? 

Let me know what you think!