New Things

I found these heels that I had completely forgotten about on the top shelf of my closet.

Finding them felt like the best thing to happen to me all year since #1yearNoShopping started. 

This had me thinking:

Was that really the best? Am I completely that shallow? 

Don't get me wrong, pure joy, it was. But, it was momentary joy. Like, chocolate. 

What about that deep rooted, feel it in your chest, long lasting joy? Had I found that somewhere on the dusty top shelf?

I took a look around, and for a year of not buying new, I have some pretty new things going on:

This blog, for one. Thank you being here and reading. I hope it is bringing you inspiration.

The new Lucid Originals Etsy Shop, for two. New designs coming soon, I promise! 

Three, I'm heading off to Create+Cultivate in Chicago this weekend to join a band of curious creatives and girl bosses in the digital space. So. Much. Learning.

And, I am so excited to share, that I have recently started wardrobe consults. Intrigued? Here's what you can expect:

We will look at everything in your closet. And I mean everything.

We will identify your style and wardrobe needs: 

From work style to coffee dates, soccer games to date night. Casual parties, weddings, the whole nine yards.

We'll sort through to find your best fits and shapes, and identify the power pieces you already own.

We'll talk about how to wear those pieces for your needs, mix and match, and where to fill in the gaps.

Depending on your closet size, this will be anywhere from 2 to 4 hours of fun, learning, and laughs. 

When we're done, you'll feel lighter, feel direction, and dare I say, a little joy.

Interested? Send me an email!

I cant wait to hear from you!

Joy found in the new is not only found at a store. It's the new you create from your experiences, your ideas, what you already have and know, used in new ways. Look around, chances are you have 5 new things happening right now. Isn't it exciting? 

Now, let's figure out what you need to wear for all these new things...