Humid, windy, and a storm brewing. Perfect day for a festival! ... not. 

This is a simple look, and honestly I didn't plan to post these, but we had so much fun before the rain came that I wanted to share. 

We were at the Chipotle Cultivate Festival yesterday in Loring Park.

Great food, live music, sustainability ideas, what's not to love? If this festival is coming to your city, you have GOT to go.

We had a chance to try Shop House Kitchen and I just about died. Think Chipotle, but Southeast Asian. Amazing.

I didn't get too fun with the outfit, for fear of ruining something in rain and mud, so I did this fun braid instead. If you know how to french braid, and you can manage to braid in a circle, you can do this, too. Start low behind one ear, braid down to your neck, and up around the top. Secure with pins. There are so many youtube videos on this, give it a try!

Other than braided hair, my other must-have for festivals is ankle booties. Keep your feet clean; it's messy out there. 

I've linked some really great bootie options below.