coffee, Please

I've been hittin' the coffee shops hard. 

It's that Saturday morning wake up, pack up, and get to work routine - and all I can say is,

thank heavens for good coffee and creative space... especially: North Loop Spyhouse, am I right??

But it's so easy to get stuck! And the pastries... the pastries! Pretty soon you're 4 hours in and 2 sugar bombs down. 

Here's my trick:

I like to start my weekends in activewear. 

I'm really not a morning workout person (I blame icy morning rowing practices), but putting my gear on right away gets me that much closer to getting the workout in later. Okay, and sometimes I never make it and never get out of my yoga pants... BUT it's a little harder to eat that doughnut when you're wearing running shoes. No? Just me? Well, fine. 

That bright print trend is still going strong in activewear, but I lean towards basic colors with unexpected details - like these laser-cut pants. My two favorite spots for gear are Athleta and Lululemon. New activewear is one of the things I am missing most in #1yearNoShopping, but I'm actually starting to break my gear in, and wear it out. And, because I'm constantly trying to find new outfits in what I already have, I'm mixing it in with street clothes and getting extra mileage: 

Leather jacket and running tights? Yes, please. More coffee, too.