1x3: Make it Work

This one is for all my workin' girls. 

You've spent a decent chunk of money on nice work clothes, now let's turn them into nice life clothes. 

As we move into fall I'll try to focus more on 1x3's and how to make work clothes work hard.

And you need to listen up, because you're spending too much money on these clothes not to. 

In this 1x3 I'm using my favorite dress suit from Theory. Like any good working girl I have one in grey and one in black, so you'll likely see a variation on this again late winter...

Now let's get to it!


This is as business as I get. 

There's not much to say here other than this is the starting point; the original intent and purpose of the purchase. 

Know your body and know your fit: For me, I prefer A-lines over pencils, and I find A-lines to be most versatile. Blazer styling is important as well: large, wide lapels will make you look... large and wide. Opt for slimmer lapels, or none at all, like I have here. I've linked some great options below. No really, I would buy every single one if I could. 


De-suit and remove your blazer, duh. 

Add a belt, add a short jacket, and swap your heels. Done. See? No reason to keep your suits locked up at night.

This is some serious day-to-night, people. Seriously easy. 


"Why would I want to wear my work clothes on the weekend?" 

Because they're cute, and you've spent money on them, that's why. 

For the current temps, I topped with a vest and dropped the heel down, but moving into winter you could easily add a cardi and some flat tall boots, instead. 

Ta-Da! Date day at the museum. Or brewery. Or brunch. Or shopping. Or a baby shower. Or... you get the idea.