Peace, Love, Flares

I proclaimed it earlier this spring: THE FLARE IS BACK IN TOWN! 

When skinny jeans came in, everything else went out. Fast. 

It was like a skinny jean dictatorship. In hindsight, ridiculous. 

Slowly but surely we're starting to see other denim styles make their way back in: Flares, wide legs, slouchy boyfriend fits. 

Dare I say we are reaching denim democracy? 

We've gone from the days of Designer Denim Aristocracy where the highest price point (and the lowest rise) ruled, to the Skinny Jean Dictatorship where the widest thigh gap ruled. 

What the hell was wrong with us? 

Now, we can find great fit, feel, and a range of styles everywhere from Target to Gap to Nordstrom. 

And, outside of major retailers, too! Little indie denim brands are popping up everywhere. 

What's the point here? Flare is in, and it's all in. Skinny is not out, nothing is out. 

Wear the denim that you like, that works for you, and that you feel great in. There is no denim trend right now, as far as I'm concerned. You get to make it. 

I've always been partial to flares. I like to style this higher waisted pair with a shorter top. A good rule of thumb to make this look wearable is to have the bottom of your shirt hit the waist of your pants. And, as always, if you're going sheer, don't forget your brami.

I've added to shoppable links at the bottom of this post- Enjoy! 

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