City Romper

I've jumped on the romper bandwagon and I'm not afraid to admit it. 

I can throw one on and tromp around the city -Which is exactly what I did today.

When I get that restless travel bug, we get out and explore our city. There is always something going on in Minneapolis!

Here's why I love rompers:

Similar to a dress, they are easily dressed up or down- great for wherever the day takes you.

But unlike a dress, you can easily ride a bike in one! One piece is so easy- no layers to adjust.

I like them a bit over-sized, and on a hot day, this keeps you cool

This black romper is so versatile. I've worn it at the cabin with Birkenstocks, and I've worn it in the city for date night with heels. This post probably should have been a 1x3 but we were so anxious to get out for the day so here we are. 

Romp on, sisters.