Backyard Wedding

Summer outdoor weddings are THE BEST. All that love, out in the big wide open. 

But, you know what else summer outdoor weddings are? Hot. Maybe humid. Grassy. 

What's a Little Black Dress lovin' girl to do? 

Find some silk, that's what. Airy, breathable, light, and bright. Any color, pattern, or floral will do. 

"Ok, got it. But what about the grass? My shoes!" 

I hear you.

Don't wear wedges; they're what every other girl will be wearing. Instead, grab a sandal with a solid stacked heel. A thick heel will keep you from sinking in, and give you as much stability as a wedge. Promise. Cross my heart. 

I am so so so looking forward to my cousin's backyard wedding this weekend. I've been watching the forecast like a hawk, and it's lookin' fine.

I hope you're enjoying your summer weddings! Feel the love, keep it cool, and check the links below for some great summer outdoor wedding attire options (lots of them are on sale!)