1x3: Summer Pick - Kit and Ace

As of today, we are officially halfway through #1yearNoShopping, and that means it's time for my Summer Pick!  (see, The Rules)

Summer style can go so many directions, and I was getting a little overwhelmed with where I would take my pick.

I'm still a little obsessed with gladiator sandals so I thought I might give those a go, but then I remembered how much I live in Birkenstocks, so then I thought maybe a pretty little boho top, but then I thought it needed to work for work, too, so then I thought about a dress, but then I remembered I have too many A-lines, so then I thought about a full maxi, but then I questioned practicality, and, well, you see what I mean by "overwhelmed"?

I decided I needed some guidelines to sort the signals from the noise. Here's what I landed on:

  1. Must be a dress. Because hello, summer = dress
  2. Dress must not be A-line, nor mini. Mix it up, already. 
  3. Lean sporty, not boho.
  4. Must work for work, day, and night. Because versatility is the name of the game. 

While we're here, a word about guidelines: I create them all the time. Almost compulsively. A weekly cleaning schedule. 1 year No Shopping. A 2 month sugar detox (painful, worth it). 100 crunches a day. No gluten, minimal dairy.  I'm constantly running off some kind of list, some new rule, system, plan. 

Some think rules are the very death of creativity. But, what if the rules are of your own creation?  

Lists and guidelines began as a strategy to make sense of my creativity. When you have a mind that is jetting off in 8 different directions at once, you have to keep track of the flight patterns. Without tracking, you miss the opportunity to see where paths might cross and spark something amazing. Missing these golden moments is worse than missing out on their potential. It's surrendering to a giant tangled web of thoughts, ideas, solutions, that are without connection or application. Organization is a constant effort, rules take some effort, but effort and order are far more manageable than a messy mind.

 So. With my own rules and a bit of direction at hand, I began the search for the perfect, versatile, sporty summer dress. 

Enter: Kit and Ace. 

They just moved in across the street in North Loop and they had me at "technical cashmere". Okay, they had me at "cashmere", but I love the technical spin: You can work in it, move in it, sweat in it, and wash it. Their website boasts, 

Coffee Time to Closing Time... Boardroom to Bedroom. This is luxury to live in. 

They gave themselves strict guidelines and high standards in creating their groundbreaking fabric, and they totally hit the mark. You guys, you have to go feel this fabric. What an idea, such a solution, totally golden. When it comes to wardrobe versatility, Kit and Ace is Queen and King. 

So let's get to it: here is theSullivan Midi Dress. And I love it. 


To make this dress work-appropriate, I layered Kit and Ace's Gwynn Crop. This doesn't follow my 1 item rule, but I wanted to show versatility by simply adding a crop with a loose hem (and I had some birthday $ leftover, in case you're keeping score). I love the dart detail on the back of the crop, and it's short length is interesting with the midi length skirt. Totally replicable with any pencil skirt/dress and a crop.  


I dig the sporty neckline and back of this dress. When I run errands I refuse to be in anything other than tennies,

and this dress will be a great departure (and step up) from the yoga pant game. It's also perfect for a morning coffee run.

I really would love to wear this dress with some Vince slip-on tennies, but, #1yearNoShopping (still accepting gifts, though. wink...)


Switch your tennies for 4 inches and we've got ourselves a new dress.

I purposely skipped accessories so we could really see how low effort / high versatility this dress is.

Please excuse me while I dream up places to wear this...


Kit and Ace

Photos by my talented cousin: 

Kristina Terese