The last 7 days came out of the blue.

One after another, new things, surprises, gifts, fell from the sky. Blue, blue sky. 

I hear Mercury retrograde is ending soon, maybe this is purely the cosmos realigning. 

Maybe it's the commitment I made weeks ago, to remain open to the universe's strange ways with the big things, finally catching up.  Maybe these are just the little things that happen everyday and I finally noticed. Whatever the reason, I'm taking what comes as it is. 

Almost halfway through 1 Year No Shopping, I'm getting used to looking at my wardrobe as it is, and have (almost) stopped chasing after other ideas of what I think it should be. 

Once you realize what you've got, suddenly there are so many options.

Remember this tunic from a few posts ago? Different option now. And this vest? I cut off the sleeves of an old jacket. Options! You've got options. Little things. Big options. 

Tunic: Diane von Furstenberg, this season's version 


 and printed 


 // Vest: old jacket, sleeves cut // 


Booties: Lucky Brand, similar 




 // Bag: Coach, similar 


 // Sunglasses: 

Smith Optics