Jean Jacket round the waist

Last weekend I headed our for our regular brewery circuit with a jean jacket tied around my waist. The last time I did this, I was slamming a capri sun. 20 years later, I am slamming beer. Classy.

Speaking of class: this is one of my favorite, best, little black dresses. I admit there are a lot of these hanging in my closet, and I use them sparingly, afraid to wear out the most perfect little black dress. News Flash: They will never stop making perfect little black dresses! So wear yours! To a brewery! 

I took the dressy-ness down a notch with the jean jacket waist situation and flat shoes. It was chilly this night, so I went for booties. I'll take any chance to wear booties. 

The best part about this LBD look is, 

if the night suddenly changes from brews to cocktails, leave the jacket off all together. Instant upscale. This upgrade didn't happen, but it could! Possibilities!