Double Denim

This month marks 1 year living together. In 9 years of being together, you'd think the ultimate in

being together

 -living day in, day out, eggs for you, toast for me- would be near seamless at this point. When we're talking eggs and toast, it is seamless; the eggs are rarely over salted. 

When we're talking peeling back the layers, staying on the tracks, well, there are some seams. 

To love someone is to know them. Peel the layers, and when wounds appear, drop the salt. The good, the bad, the ugly... if you're going to love it, you've got to know it.

This month also marks 2 birthdays. To celebrate the year behind and the year ahead, we are headed to Atlanta for the weekend, then on south to visit family. To say I am excited for this trip would be an understatement. I'm not a relax on the beach type; if I'm not running around the mountains, then I'm exploring a city. I won't sit still. I'm already excited for the photo-journal we'll put together for you with we get back...

As a nod to the south and our upcoming trip, I pulled out an old string of pearls. While ladylike pearls aren't my everyday style, they do elevate a classic double denim, and make the heels feel right in place. 

Don't you dare call this a Canadian Tuxedo.... 

Dare you to try it, dare you to love it



 // Jacket: 

AG Jeans

 (the Robyn) similar 




 // Shirt: 


 // Shoes: 

Banana Republic

 (on sale!)