DIY: Tassel Refresh

Remember when I made a Tassel Necklace

It was my first solid DIY attempt and I. Am. Hooked. I can't stop making more things! More!

I've been hearing that some of my awesome readers are tassel-ing up their lives, so it is my Tassel Queen duty to share my new tassel secrets with you. 

This is a refresh of the Tassel Necklace DIY. I have perfected it in 3 ways:

  1. Pre-cut leather (life saving)
  2. Beads! So fun!
  3. A clasp (to switch out tassels)

You might have noticed this awesome tassel worn here:

Get your tassel on


  1. Pre-Cut fringe leather. I used THIS
  2. 36 in of Fine jewelry wire. I used THIS
  3. Beads of your choice 
  4. 2 Crimps. Like THIS (Found mine at a craft store)
  5. Toggle Clasp. Like THIS (Found mine at a craft store)
  6. Pliers
  7. E6000 Glue (here)

How To:

  1. Measure and cut 32 inches of Jewelry wire + a little extra on the ends (about 36 in)
  2. String on beads
  3. Once beads are strung to 32 inches, loop one end of wire through a crimp, then the toggle, then back through the crimp (pictured below)
  4. String back-looped wire thorough beads to conceal, then seal crimp with pliers (pictured below). Repeat with opposite end. 

Now that your strand is complete, time to make the interchangeable tassels:

  1. Measure and cut your pre-cut leather to 4 inches. Trim some length off the fringe if desired
  2. On one end of your fringe, glue a small strip of leather to make a loop. 
  3. Run a strip of glue along the top of your leather, all 4 inches.
  4. Begin rolling your leather, starting at the end with the loop.  
  5. Roll carefully, to the other end. Let dry. 
  6. Repeat with other tassel colors. Tassels done!


Now you can interchange your tassels by simply opening the clasp! And, you can make beaded strands in various colors, and change out the same black and tan tassels! Magic!

String beads to 32 inches

Looping wire through crimp, clasp, and back through crimp

Seal crimp with pliers

Finished necklace with interchangeable tassels