Get out of Bed

It's Memorial Day weekend, the official start of summer, 

and Minneapolis 


locked in clouds.

In fact, we've been clouded over most of the week. Good thing I own more long sleeves that short. 

This outfit is from earlier this week -a rare mid week evening out. While clouds urged me to take cover, I pulled myself out with my get-out-of-bed trifecta: the highest heels (preferably a bootie), silk, and turquoise. 

Honestly, if you were to stare straight into my soul you would find 

piles of booties, miles of silk, and stacks of turquoise. 

I will be wearing this when I am 80. These are the things I have in multiples and they will always make me get up, dress up, and show up. 

Find your thing. The perfect white tee? (Lookin at you, mom). Bold printed scarves? (Oh, hi again, mom!) Flats of every color? Stripes on stripes? Black and white? Build out your signatures, wear them like your heart on your sleeve. You can count on them, because they're you- and you can always count on you. 

p.s. I'm wearing this again tonight. Shhh...

please excuse the out of focus pictures- we are playing around with new settings; always learning!

Tunic: Diane von Furstenberg, this season's version 


 and printed 


 // Booties: 

Nine West

 (on sale!) // Denim: 

7 for all mankind


Bucket bag: 

Cole Haan

 (on sale!) Tassel Necklace: 

Lucid Exclusive

 // other silver and turquoise: collected