ATL in 48

Atlanta in 48 hours. Are you ready for this?
We hope this photo journal of our recent weekend getaway sparks some advenduring of your own... Enjoy!

Day 1 // 3:00 pm

Step One: Rental car. You are going to need one. Mr Rental Car guy asked if we wanted to upgrade to the new bug. For free. Turbo engine? YES PLEASE. Needless to say, we had fun running this one around town.

The clock is running, so check your traffic and route around accordingly. The adventure starts now. Don't worry about getting to your hotel, yet. First Stop: Bartaco for happy hour cocktails and tacos. The Fried Oyster Taco and Port Chester Cocktail were favorites. This is the perfect spot to cheers to the weekend.  

5:30 pm

Now that you've refueled, head to the hotel. We chose the W Midtown for its central location. Shower up and head for dinner. You'll be walking, so keep the heels reasonable (sorry).

8:00 pm

Just when you thought life couldn't get any better than Bartaco, you find yourself in Ribalta. No exaggeration: the best Neapolitan pizza I've ever had. Airy, chewy crust, and the freshest mozzarella. Order two. It's too much food, but you can stash the leftovers in your mini bar fridge and eat them for breakfast in your hotel room (you can thank me later). 
Linger here for a while. The sidewalk seating is fantastic, and the staff is friendly and entertaining.  

Day 2 // 8:00 am

Day Two, the only full day, we are up and at 'em early. Hop in the bug and buzz over to Dancing Goats Coffee Bar at Ponce City Market. The market is still mostly under construction, but you won't care because you'll want to spend all day on a porch swing in the screen porch. Bonus: Meet up with a friend you haven't seen in 20 years. Literally, 20 years! We had a beautiful time connecting with Katie and her husband, Austen. They nearly made us want to move south.

photo credit: travelingmama

10:00 am     

Now fully caffeinated, start mapping the Living Walls, giant murals scattered around the city. You will get a little lost, but it's a great way to wander the city with a bit of a purpose. 

photo credit: AJC
photo credit: AJC

 12:00 pm

Getting hungry? Me too. Head over to Krog Street Market for some amazing beer (60 on tap!) and amazing barbecue. And amazing pastries. And amazing chocolate. You get the idea. Walk in, grab a beer, wander, eat. Tip: skip the crowded parking lot and valet (seriously!), park far away, and enjoy a 10 minute walk through the neighborhood. Zillow search. Be curious. We have tons of pictures from this place; it was hard to narrow them down. We don't have anything like this in Minneapolis! 

2:00 pm

Do you feel so insider? Exploring neighborhoods and finding the best eats? Well, too bad because it's time to get tourist-y at the Georgia Aquarium. The largest aquarium in the world! How can you not! Give yourself a time limit; you could spend all day here. We budgeted 2 hours inside. We actually don't have too many pictures here, because I was being kind of nuts-o about the time limit... The otters were darling, but you'll have to go see them yourself... The jellyfish were hypnotic, and the floor to ceiling tank was, whoa.

This was actually quite terrifying. It's a big glass bubble that let's you get nearly completely inside the shark and stingray tank. eeek!

4:00 pm

You survived kids and crowds. Time for coffee! 
Make your way to Octane Coffee in Grant Park. Resist buying another Little Tart shortbread...
Take your coffee to go and cross the street to Oakland Cemetery. Wander the grounds, and be sure to find the Civil War area. The sun is hot, but you are also getting tan right now. Multi-tasking tourism. Also, the magnolia trees here are insane. 

Gettin' the shot, Civil War area
The Shot

5:30 pm

Happy Hour time! We had originally planned on checking out Grain Bar (it sounds like happy hour heaven), but we were honestly too sweaty from wandering under the sun and had a "Beer! Now!" moment. In hindsight, we could have booked it to the hotel, showered, and started the night at Grain, but this rooftop across from Oakland Cemetery looked too good. We found some shade, slammed some beer (local Sweetwater 420 is my new fav), and enjoyed the view. 

Once you've "re-hydrated", head back to the hotel to chill for a while before the main event...

8:00 pm

Birthday dinnerrr! We went to TWO Urban Licks, and boy did they deliver. Live blues and amazing food. When our Uber driver dropped us off at the back of a warehouse I was a little unsure, but it somehow makes the whole place that much cooler. Sorry, no pics from here, we just completely enjoyed the night. 

photo credit: TWO Urban Licks

Day 3 // 10:00 am

Check out of the hotel and take some time to walk around Piedmont Park. It's huge, it's beautiful, and it will be 
good for your hangover. Promise. 

11:30 am

For the last hurrah, go to West Side Provisions District and put your name in at West Egg. You'll have to wait an hour, but it's worth it (banana bread french toast, anyone?), and there is some great shopping to pass the time. 

photo credit: what now atlanta

And then, my friends, it is time to catch a flight home, or in my case... 
drive south to Gram's house for some chocolate chip cookies and pool time! BYE!