Tee days

I had an awesome dress to post up for you. 

It was a "it's 70 degrees!" dress. It was a "I'm wearing LIPSTICK" dress. It was a "Let's. Get. Cocktails!" dress.

But you know what? Today wasn't a lipstick day or cocktails day. 

It was a favorite t-shirt day, and that's okay.

When your days get uncomfortable, you better get comfy, because this is where stuff happens.

Take risks, screw up, talk loudly. Listen, learn, grow, seek, find, and do you.

If you're in someone else's dress, it's not you.  

Get comfortable with discomfort. There's no time for dresses on these days. There's only time for t-shirts and a last minute pair of black booties because there are 6 of them laying around. 

It's okay, hang in there, the dress will happen another day. 



 // T-shirt: 


 // Booties: Nine West, similar 




 // Bag: Coach, similar