1x3: Spring Pick

In accordance with the rules of 1 year, No Shopping, I am allowed 

one new item each quarter.

So, not technically a full year of no shopping, more like 1 year 4 items, but get over it.

I am taking this role of curating one ONLY ONE! versatile, on trend, use a million ways item very seriously.

You can already see, I landed on leather shorts. LEATHER SHORTS!  

I must be crazy.  

Before we get into how un-crazy leather shorts are, let's talk about what items I vetoed before landing on leather shorts:

Stuart Weitzman

Gladiator sandals

. You already know how much I love bonus boot season in Minnesota. So, gladiators seemed like a natural next step in the transition. They've been hangin' around for a few years, making their way into street style slowly but surely. I thought I might take the leap.  However, in the end, the versatility wasn't there.

Phillip Lim


I've been secretly obsessing over backpacks since the fall. It is the secret hippie in me.  I know this reminds most of you of 5th grade and your mini backpacks full of Lip Smackers, but I love the mix of total usefulness with total uselessness. This is overly trendy though, and there's no guarantee it will stick around for too long.  That, plus my inability to find one I loved under $500 meant this option was way out. 



  A dress. A fresh, spring dress. What could be better? Not much. The options are endless, the applications, endless. I was thinking a Little White Dress belonged in my tangle of Little Black Dresses. This was quickly axed, though, after a long hard look in my closet. I already had one that would work -not perfectly- but well enough. 

William Rast

So that leaves us with the last option: Leather Shorts. LEATHER SHORTS! 

In a word: WHAT?? Ok, hear me out: It's a trend that came around once, weakly, and then came around again a bit stronger. This means, it's coming back again. There are endless ways to style these. If you don't believe me, look at the 1x3 below. 

A night out, a casual bike to breweries (yes,


, breweryS), a hangin' sporty afternoon.  

These leather shorts simply Do. It. All.

Before we get into it, I want you to know, dear readers, that I took this very seriously.  What could be more serious than leather shorts? Not much. I had, at one point, 6 pairs of leather shorts in my possession while I tried tirelessly to narrow down to the best option. Here's the criteria I found worked best for versatility:

1. Elastic waist.

 Not only for grandmas! This gives them a sporty edge and a great fit. A fitted button closure is too formal, and it's difficult to fit right.

2. Pockets.

I wanted pockets, and it was hard to find ones that didn't pucker. This eliminated half the pool quickly.

3. Length.

Not too short (slutty) not too long (men's boxers, anyone?). Finding the right length for your height is important in establishing age appropriateness in your leather short edginess.

4. Sporty/casual styling.

Leather is harsh. Leaning towards a jogging short style really softens the interpretation.

5. Real vs faux.

I contemplated this for hours. I'm serious. Hours! If you can't already tell by my DIY's, I love leather. It speaks luxury. Faux leather is something I've always been opposed to. But, as I debated buttery leather vs really solid feeling faux, and took into account that I would probably be wearing these on a bike at some point, faux won that battle fair and square. Faux has come a long long way. Faux real (sorry, couldn't resist). Bonus: these babies were under $50. What!!

So, without further rambling, I give you, my versatile 1x3 take on leather shorts for spring:


Shorts by William Rast, ordered from 

Lord and Taylor



 // Nude Booties: Lucky Brand, similar 




 // Necklace: Lucid Original (DIY coming soon)



Smith Optics


Shorts by William Rast, ordered from 

Lord and Taylor

Black Booties: Nine West, similar 


 // Top: French Connection, similar 


 // Necklace: Lucid Original (DIY coming soon) // Sunglasses: 

Smith Optics


Shorts by William Rast, ordered from 

Lord and Taylor



 // Shoes: 


 // Sunglasses: 

Smith Optics