Spring Mess

As I write this, it is snowing, then raining, then snowing outside. 

We are thrown back to our dark days of winter, and waiting for the sun to come out, to bring our brightness. 

When temps swing 48 degrees in 48 hours my closet becomes a mess. 

This outfit is the result: Spring dress! Winter boots!

This flip-flopping weather has my mind doing the same... 

The mind, beyond the biology of your brain, is an absolute maze. 

The biology of it is a maze and amazing enough, but when you get to the matter of your thoughts, how they sweep in and out, from senseless thoughts of perfect ponytails 

to heart-wrenching memories of a village forgotten, it becomes an in-navigable


A mess. Brilliantly messy, but a mess, nonetheless. 

As the dark hours of night minute in, the dark corners of your maze open wildly and without warning.

Dead walls bust open, letting out thoughts to run the hall, straight through to the light of your reading lamp, and stand bare beside you. Will tears make them go away? Blur your vision so you can't see them clearly? For a breath, yes. 

Then, like looking through a window after rain, the landscape of your thoughts stands bold before you- unchanged, though demanding a steady stare. And suddenly, the mess slinks back to its dark corner, having wanted only to be acknowledged, "I'm here too, and part of you." 

See it, feel it, think it, then tuck your brilliant mess away.

Because the snow will melt, the dark of night always fades, and tomorrow brings a new sun, and a bright new day.

P.S. This clutch? DIY coming soon...

Dress: Diane Von Furstenberg, similar




, and 


 // Booties: Ugg Australia Collection, similar 




 // Clutch: Lucid Original