Happy Hippie

Is your Instagram feed full of Coachella pictures? I know, me too. 
Enter: Temporary Envy. But, envy doesn't look good on anybody, and happy? 
Happy looks great on everybody. So does fringe. 
And while we're at it, add turquoise, and beads, and temporary tattoos. I'm serious! These metallic Flash Tattoos are awesome. If you don't believe me, check out Beyonce here. I rest my case. 

However, it is important to remember that you are not, in fact, Beyonce (what!), so please use a little restraint when applying Flash tats. As soon as you start boarding private jets, you can use as many Flash tats as you want. 

I tried out a simple arm band, and love it. 
It (sort of) cured my festival envy, and it's got me looking forward to summer and outdoor concerts. 
I also loved digging out all my collected beads and jewelry from different places I've traveled.  It doesn't have to match; 
if it makes you smile, pile it on.     

Top: Anthropologie, similar here (sale!) and here // Flash Tattoo: Sephora // Leggings: Jcrew // Jacket: American Eagle, similar here and here // 
Fringe Booties: Target, similar here and here (sale!) and here