DIY: Fringe Clutch

I made this!

It was a really simple DIY. It just required a new tool, and getting over a little freak out. Here's the scoop:

Ben dragged me into a surplus store. He was on the hunt for a few random objects to finish a few random (still unfinished) projects. 

This place is what my nightmares are made of: 

Bins and piles of leftover, un-categorized, un-organized, dusty, STUFF. 

I freaked out. No way, Jose. This is not where I shop. 

I was then bluntly reminded that I'd given up shopping for the year.  So, this was my new Coach store. Let's find some leather.   

Your first step in this DIY will be to find some thick scrap leather, and a bundle of leather scraps/strips. Go to a surplus store.  I found a dark navy leather and some grey strips and decided to go for it. I cut the leather to 11" x 12" using an exacto knife, and folded it in half with the 11" edges on top.

Your next step will be to acquire a leather punch tool. Lucky for me, I have a boyfriend who loves buying tools.  We happily added to the collection. 

Leather Punch, $12 from Amazon

Next, punch holes up the sides (measure twice, punch once!), and tie on some strips.  Don't worry about trimming length until you're all done.  Trim as desired. 

(My fringe was kind of crazy after tying.  Secure straight down with some clips for a few nights to calm them down)


New clutch.  

Here you can see the leather is pretty roughed up. Don't be scared if the leather you find is less than stellar. 

Give it a good coat of Leather Honey and all will be cool.

One thing I haven't figured out, it how to create a closure. I don't want a loop/button fixture. I tried gluing a magnet to the inside, but it didn't stick.

Still noodling on this one, and in the meantime, I will just keep it upright. 

If DIY a'int your thang, here are a few similar ones, for purchase. 

Sam Edelman

Happy Crafting!