The Flare is back in town

Happy Friday!

This mini-post is brought to you in part by a spontaneous mid-week date night, and a camera man who is constantly playing with settings and taking pictures of my every move. I can't complain- personal paparazzi. 

A few words about flared denim: We have been so skinny jean obsessed for the last 2 years. I am totally guilty. Spending hours looking for, trying on, debating over (oh, the debating!) that

perfect pair of skinnies.

Then, you find your perfect pair, and become all-consumed by snatching up every variation of style and color. And... multiple pairs of the 


Can we just cool it on the skinny jeans?

Mark my words: The flare is coming back. Word on the street is most guys prefer you in a flare anyway, making it an obvious choice for an easy date night. My theory is it unlocks some stored away tiny place in boy brains and brings them back to hormone-high high school when we were all flared out. Just a theory; take it or leave it. 

Tricks of the flare-trade:

  • High and stacked heels. Nothing dainty, and high enough so they are hidden, and your jeans nearly touch the floor.  Holy long longs.
  • Keep it short on top. Play on proportions and your legs will look miles high.
  • Keep it dark. I will show you some lighter colored flares later this summer, but they are tricky.

It's beginning to warm up in Minneapolis, and I love this transitional time of year when we wake up from winter and get out. Red Cow in North Loop was packed, and the food was nothing short of amazing. Go try it out!



 // Sweater Tank: 

Sparrow - Anthropologie

 // Moto Jacket: American Eagle // Bag: Philip Lim for Target // Shoes: 

Sam Edelman