Not So Fast

The beautiful thing about a dream, is that it is something in which you may explore, expand, and bubble up over the boundaries of your everyday. But, the terrible thing about a dream, is you must eventually wake up: 

Spend too much time in it's big beauty and you risk missing out on

the small beauty of your everyday.

Not so fast, Friends. Stop wishing for warm weather and wasting your days in dreams of tan shoulders. Embrace your everyday, which today, is overnight flurries and over-the-knee boots. 

Really, its just a bonus boot season, and you already own the boots, 

so get excited about that. 

Take that, Californians. 

What's really got me excited lately is that I have a Quarterly Top Pick coming up! In accordance with 

The Rules

of 1 Year, No Shopping, I get to buy one new item each quarter.  I have been searching high and low all month for the best Spring Pick- and it's going to be a good one. Stay Tuned! And in the meantime, boot up.

Your peep-toes are looking ridiculous.



 sold out, similar 


 // Boots: Saks Fifth Avenue Black sold out, similar 




 // Leggings: 



Shirt: Philip Lim for Target, similar




 // Grey Tee: