"What if I fall? Oh, but my darling, what if you fly?" 


I first caught sight of the feather trend end of last summer when Coach had little leather feathers swinging from their bags. It was Stuart Vever's first line as new creative director and I was digging it. Being a closet hippie, I have been watching for other feathers since. 

I think it's safe to say, the feather has taken off, and the timing is perfect for a spring pick-me-up.

I'm always looking for a small twist to hippie-up my corporate wear and I've had my eye out for something feathered for almost a year. I stumbled across these pendants and bracelet in a Native American jewelry store during our recent trip to Colorado.

I love to find unique jewelry as a travel souvenir -something to wear often and remind me where I've been. Better than a t-shirt, and I love the hunt.

One problem: #1yearNoShopping.

I managed to get around this by accepting these as a gift, and following my 1 in - 1 out rule... And cutting myself some slack with permission from family because hey, I was on vacation.  It's not as if I bought a new pair of shoes...

To avoid looking like you just got back from summer camp in this trend, keep the materials luxe: leather, sterling, gold, ceramic.  Avoid: brass, beads, bright colors, actual feathers.

Here are my new feathers. You might have noticed them here or here. I'm also wearing them to work with black blazers a lot. I love that these babies are one of a kind. 

Here are some other feather pieces, all price ranges, for you to slip in your routine. Go ahead, get a little hippie. 

Secretly dying for this Stella and Dot!

WHOA Coach (again, sorry)


The last little bit I will leave you with on this gloomy Sunday: 

e.h., author of the quote above, is Erin Hanson, a 19 year old from Australia whose written thoughts are going viral. 

Talk about flying. Check out her awesome work here, and remember to fly.