Mountain Sun

"She breathed in the invigorating air and knew that the foothills, and the mountains behind, were something certain and enduring, something in which she could believe when there was uncertainty in life."

-Anna L. Waldo,



Sometimes I think this world has two kinds of people: Ocean people and Mountain people.  Water people and Earth people. People who need the endless possibilities in an ocean horizon, and people who need the certainty and strength of mountains. There may be a lucky few who fall harmoniously between both camps, but I am all rock solid mountain. 

When I visit the mountains, it's like I've come home. And, what does one wear at home? Certainly not heels... 


rab your flat boots; let's get mountain styled.

For me, mountain style is home style. It's all my favorite basics, in my favorite place. 

Comfy earth colored boots, white-as-snow (if mildly impractical) cropped leather, true blue skinny denim, and black cashmere (always, black cashmere). Add some zippers and a tassel and spend the day in high-elevation sun. 

What could be better?

I wore this everywhere I wasn't wearing ski boots. Seriously, repeat offender. I committed to not caring about roughing up the white leather, and it's getting worn around the edges. So good. And this bag: I've had it for 5 years and bring it everywhere I travel. The colors go with everything, the fabric is indestructible, and it holds everything! Somehow, it fits an iPad, a magazine, a kindle, a water bottle, and so. many. snacks. 

Kipling doesn't make it anymore, but there's a link to a similar one below. 

Stay tuned for some scenery travel pictures soon!



 // Jacket: True Religion // Boots: 


 // Sweater: Armani Exchange // Scarf: Marc Jacobs for Target // 



 // Bag:


 // Necklace: 

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