Love & Rock & Roll

We are two days away from Valentine's Day... and you are either super stoked or dreading it like the flu


Couples pictures all over Facebook.  Cheesy quotes about eternal love. Does anybody even understand the depth and complexities of love to accurately put it into words?? A day dedicated to love, and the best we can do is chocolate and pink sparkly cards?  I digress... 

Anyway, what are you doing on this day of love?  Something you love, I hope.  If you're going out to dinner, be more original than that.  Just try.

We are going to a concert at First Ave in Minneapolis.  

JD McPherson

 is playing, and I love love love him.  Technically, it's the day before Valentine's day, but, details.  Anyway, the reason you're all here:  Let's talk style:

If Valentine's Day is not the day to break out a crop top and sheer thigh highs, then I don't know what is.  This is where I started piecing together.  Makes me sound classy, yes? Sorry, Dad.

Crop Top and Thigh Highs; could be a new Kanye song.

I added a favorite leather skirt (yes I have multiples, more versatile than you think), and then I needed concert basics.  

Pay attention:

Stacked heels.

 So necessary.  Wear flats, and your feet are happy but you can't see.  Wear a stiletto, and you can see but your feet hurt.  In a stacked heel, you have more stability, you can see, and your feet only hurt a little -but you're drinking so you don't care. 

Cross-Body Bag

.  You're drinking.  You're dancing.  It's crowded.  Keep your wallet close, hands free.    

Small Jacket

.  Do not even consider coat check.  Waiting in line after the show, with all the drunk girls is like a bad walk of shame preview.  But this is February in Minnesota and you can't go without.  Wear a jacket that stays on as part of your outfit, and can be removed without being a nuisance.  Sure, it's not your warmest, but just run and stop complaining.  

Also- do not bring your best.  This is a cheapie from American Eagle.  See more about my thoughts on AE


Happy Valentine's Day!  Enjoy what you love.    

Skirt: Banana Republic / / Booties: Sam Edelman / / Crop Top: Saks 5th Ave Red Label / / Jacket: American Eagle / / Tights: Falke / / Bag: Philip Lim for Target / / Necklace: 

Stella & Dot