Leather and Lines

Earlier this week, I made a 

DIY bracelet

 that inspired a date night outfit. It's wrapped leather with geometric silver beads. It had me thinking: Leather and Lines. Leather top with printed tights. Leather jacket with geometric clutch. 

I tried for a half minute to edit it down, not go overboard, and then I thought,

Screw it, I'll take it all

Double Leather, Double Prints.

In retrospect, I suppose this was the No Shopping equivalent to throwing down my credit card. "I'll take it all", "Let's do this". Hey, it was a big week, and I was looking forward to sushi and sake for days.

So, lets talk details. Too much leather and lines and this could turn bad biker chick. I need some flirt to balance out.  

This skirt is actually a Little Black Dress powerhouse; perfect by itself, and layers a million ways. What keeps me coming back to it again and again is the bouncy hemline. Flattering on any body. The top is olive leather; it was a gift from the strongest, hottest mom I know, so of course its cool - I don't have to justify. Layered together, these two are great.

Now that we're balanced, add your favorites: 

Interesting tights, suede boots, a cool clutch, and a leather jacket.


Banana Republic

 // Tights: 


 // Top: 


 // Boots: 

Stuart Weitzman

 // Bracelet: 

DIY Lucid & Blue

 // Jacket: True Religion