Denim Love

Last fall, I saw these Paige jeans at Nordstrom and loved them, but didn't love the price.  Let's just say, they were closer to $300 than $200, and even I can't justify that. So, I did as I often do with full-priced clothes: I walked away. If it was meant to be, it would come back around. It always does. 

Hey- don't they say something like that about true love? Well let me tell you, I love denim. 

Fast forward 3 months, and there they were. In a consignment store, brand new, tags on, but a size too big. But such a deal! $40! But still too big...

Let me introduce you to my favorite shopping "rule": If it's less than half the original price, it's basically free, and,

your money has now turned into Monopoly money. Park Place, please!

However, it is important to remember that even Monopoly money runs out.  Invest in too many of the cheap thrills and soon you're out of the buying game for good. 

I decided these were worth it. Here's how to work around a pair of jeans that are a little big. We all have them. 

Your first instinct might be to cover your butt. Literally. But a tunic or a long jacket with sized-up jeans will make you look oversized all over. Bad idea. Instead, wear a structured jacket that nips in at the waist. This is not your slouchy-cool jacket. This is your I-have-a-presentation jacket. It will bring the eye up, away from your slouchy butt. 

Editor's note: A few squats here never hurt anyone. Clarification: I am the editor.

Next, roll your cuffs, and add heels. I didn't roll here, because I was headed to work but cuffs with heels will make your jeans the slouchy-cool item, and will do the same trick as the jacket, in reverse: It will bring the eye down, away from your slouchy butt. Add more squats here if you're still feeling bad about your butt. 

Now, go dig out those old jeans you never wear and make them work!