Double Take: Early Fall Texture

Ready for a new Double Take? Thought so. This one is a bit of a stretch, but hear me out.

A while ago I saw this picture of Kendall Jenner: "Oh, that's cute," I thought, "too bad I don't wear pink". 

But I couldn't get it out of my head! Aside from the color, I loved the texture.

Texture everywhere: Wool skirt, cozy knit, laced shoes, furry bag. And, I was intrigued by the mix of warm textiles with lots of skin.  

Pre- #1yearNoShopping, I would have ventured out in obsessive search of similar items. 

This time, I ventured to the depths of my closet, and pulled anything and everything cashmere or wool. 

The result? All black, sorry. But this is where you need to hear me out: 

This old cashmere shell (like, used-to-be-my-mom's old) gets new life with a half tuck. And this wool skirt fits the bill well. 

It's certainly not an exact match, but it's the idea that triggered new combos that is the key here.

You guys, I tried so many combos of sweater-skirt tucks! Endurance. 

Once you find the right combo, add laced heels and an interesting bag. Ta-Da!

P.S - You can find the DIY tutorial for this fringe clutch 


Oddly, I'm happier with this outcome than if I'd found an exact match. 

I'm a firm believer in bouncing ideas and inspiration off anything and anyone we come across. 

This look was inspired into creation from a very different one; just imagine all the variations possible! 

What's your take? What can you pull out and put together?

Bounce on, sisters.

Double Take : Suit and Tee

You guys. Another Double Take. About time, right?

This Double Take is inspired by Keri Russell. Here she was, as I flipped through People magazine, walking out of Late Night with Seth Meyers, and I loved her suit and tee look:

I love everything about this: Formal blazer, graphic tee, leather pants, classic black heels. It just WORKS. 

I don't have a pair of leather pants, but I do have a pair of coated skinnies meant to look like leather, and I've never figured out how, exactly, to wear them. 

Who knew? Throw on a tee!! 

Do you have some fancy pants that you could cool down with a tee? I bet so... 

Pants: JBrand, Lots of coated options here // Tee: old, similar here // Blazer: Theory // Heels: Banana Republic (on sale!!)

DIY: Double Take - Tassel Necklace

On this blog, we have DIY's and Double Take's.  But today, we're getting crazy and mashing them together into one DIY DoubleTake

Brace yourselves.

My friend from work walked in the other day with a new necklace. One of those cute leather tassel necklaces that you see everywhere right now. Immediately, I thought, 

I could make that.

Then I learned that it was $78, and I decided I'm definitely going to make that. She had this one from Anthropologie:

My mom recently found this one at Banana Republic and i'ts the same story: On trend, high price tag.

The good news? You can make your own! And, it's easy! I promise. 

Don't let the lady at the bead store get you down. She will tell you this isn't a project for beginners, but just prove her wrong. I did. Let's get started...

I watched this quick video, and found it really helpful. I made some adjustments below:


  1. Piece of leather cut to 3.5" x 4", plus a little strip for the loop. You can find leather at any craft store. 
  2. Chain. I bought 35" and shortened to my liking at the end. You can find chain at a craft store, but a bead store has higher quality options
  3. E6000 glue. Craft Store. Can't live without this super glue on steroids.

How To:

  1. With your 4" sides running horizontal, measure 1/2" from the top of your leather, and use a ruler to draw a line (on the back side) all the way across. This is your fringe guide.
  2. Cut about 1/8" wide strips from the bottom, to your line.  Now you have a nice fringe.  Don't get distracted by the other craft possibilities of this fringe. 
  3. On one end of your fringe, glue your small strip of leather to make a loop. 
  4. Run a strip of glue along the top of your leather, all 4 inches.
  5. Begin rolling your leather, starting at the end with the loop.  Roll carefully, to the other end. Let dry. Tassel done!
  6. Using 2 pliers, open one link of chain, thread on your tassel.  Remove links to desired length. Close links, so you have one continuous chain.  This will be long enough to slip over your head without a clasp. 
  7. With excess chain, add a ring around the top of the tassel for fun.


Originally, I was trying to re-create the Anthropologie necklace with antiqued gold toned hardware for my friend. That color is great this time of year with chunky knits. Then, I saw some awesome flexible strips of silver with a scalloped edge, and wanted to try a summery version for myself.  I think this will be awesome with a white tank or black maxi this summer.

What are your ideas? Other color combos? More beads?

Let me know in comments below!

Double Take: 1

"New Year, New Shoes" would normally be my motto this time of year, but, a New Year of No Shopping means the motto has turned to New Year, New-Ways-to-Wear-Old-Shoes.

Enter: The Double Take

Throughout the year I will surely be relying on my celebrity BFFs for style inspiration. This is something I already do on the regular: I keep an eye out for a celeb wearing something similar to an item I own, and I'll style it with what I already have in my closet.  

Living proof that style does do not rely on brand spanking new shoes.

This was on our way in to a new favorite coffee shop in Minneapolis: Spyhouse Coffee, a hipster's paradise filled with reclaimed wood, good music, great coffee, and a million macbooks.  Normally I wouldn't do a blazer for Sunday morning coffee, but since this corporate sister basically lives in them Monday-Saturday, I thought why not?  Just-rolled-out-of-bed hair, studded booties, and this blazer is anything but corporate. And you know what? I've never felt more like me in a house full of hipsters. Take that, you plaid button down girls.  

This Double Take is inspired by Kate Bosworth and her studded booties.  

Mine are a significantly cheaper pair from Target, purchased last year with music festivals and denim cut-off's in mind.  

And the black denim... I bought this pair at American Eagle (I know, I know...) 2 years ago when black denim was having a comeback, and I wasn't ready to throw down major cash on a designer pair.  I secretly love wandering into American Eagle a couple times a year for trendy pieces at a non-committal price tag. Plus, I get to pretend for a half hour that I am a real live cali teen beach babe... that is, until my day dreaming comes to a crashing halt when I hear the middle schooler in the dressing room next to me get yelled at by his mom, "Tommy! Hurry up! You have math homework to finish!!".  

Yes, that really happened.     

Booties: Target // Blazer: Theory // Denim: American Eagle // Sunglasses: Smith