Gladiator Dancing

I've been dancing on the edge of the gladiator trend for a while.

And by "dancing" I mean I stare at them longingly on my screen and hover my index over "add to cart". I'm still dancing. I'm waiting for an "Aha" moment that may or may not ever materialize.  In the meantime, I'm kind of enjoying this dreamy dance - will it be a tall nude, a black short, laced, buckled, studded?

If you're needing some inspiration to pull the trigger on your own inner gladiator battle, here are some favorite styles, and what to pair them with. 

With a Dress

slip dress + delicate tall

easy dress + simple short

denim dress + structured studded

With Pants

wide culottes or skinny jeans + heeled bootie gladiator style + airy lacey top

With Shorts

cut-offs + casual tank + any short gladiator, heeled or flat.

extra points for tassel or stud details.

skip the knee-high style - too much.