Alp Me

We're still working our way through the mountain of photos we took in Europe, but I came across these quick pics from Garmisch and smiled because I was so. happy. here. But before we get to the happy, lets take it back a few minutes. 

It was actually all quite a disaster. We woke up at 6:15am, in separate bunks, in a tiny sleeper car on an overnight train from Berlin - which was advertised online as being a whole lot more spacious and clean than it was in person. Anticipating a 7:30am arrival in Munich, we soon found out we were 4. Hours. Behind. Schedule. German countryside is beautiful but it's not 4 hours beautiful. Fast forward to Munich central station, and our rental car has been given to someone else. Fast forward a 1.5 hour drive to Garmisch, we're out of time for our hike, and the mountain is socked in clouds. It was going to cost us 50 Euros a piece to get to the top to see nothing but clouds, and I didn't even have an alternative because I had totally counted on Plan A. And we were leaving at 9am tomorrow. And I don't even remember the last time I showered. 

But this disaster of a day ended up being one of my favorites of the whole trip. 

Our car had been given to someone else, but because of the 4 hour train delay, we shaved off a rental day, upgraded to a turbo diesel wagon (holla), and still saved cash. We drove 1.5 hours fast and fun in a German car you can't even buy in the US. Nearing 36 hours without a shower, we thew on every single layer of clothing we had with us, and then sped off to the base of the highest peak in Germany, 45 minutes before the tram closed. Everyone told us not to go. 50 Euros a person, for 45 minutes, and zero visibility. But if there's one thing we know, it's that we are our best selves when we hit the top of a mountain together, so up we went. We tromped around the top, we saw a glimpse of a peak, I collected some rocks, Ben snapped some photos, we drank a beer and ate a pretzel and stood together in the cold silence, all alone, kissing clouds. 

This beautiful disaster of a day ended with the best Bavarian food of my life (roast duck), and here I am on our way to that dinner. Still in my hiking pants. With still-unwashed hair. Without any makeup. And still very much embracing that layering thing. Maybe if I get it together soon we'll share some shots from the mountain top. It was pretty amazing once we looked at the clouded views for what they were, and dropped our expectations of what they weren't. 

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